Gregory Francis

What people say...

“Having known Greg and worked with him over the past couple of years he is one of the best media producers in the country. Spanning publications and being an acclaimed International programme producer for over a decade Greg's strengths lie in being an extremely creative professional”

“Greg is an outstanding entrepreneur with an expert knowledge of his industry and a keen business mind. As a property professional I was impressed with his sense in selling a golf course in Eastern Europe prior to the global downturn. It's that sixth sense which separates the best from the rest”

“Greg is a highly motivated innovative businessman, Always ahead of the game and easy to do business with. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Greg”

“Greg is an outstanding and honorable business professional. I've never met anyone who works as hard yet he still gives an enormous amount of time to CSR. Recommending Greg is easy. He simply always delivers”

A few clients...

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