Gregory Francis

What people say...

“I am delighted to be working with this sports impresario to change the nature of golf on the web. 
He is a natural entrepreneur with a barely contained energy, which is truly infectious. Together we are in the process of shaking up the world of online golf betting”

“During my 14 years in business I've met quite a number of interesting people from various business sectors; Greg is unquestionably one of the most interesting businessmen I've ever met. His creative mind and ability to deliver is outstanding. This is clearly visible with his creation of the worlds biggest golf website "". I am proud and fortunate to have the pleasure of working with Greg on a varity of different projects. To work with Greg is to succeed”

“I fully recommend Greg and for anyone with a smidgen of interest in the great game, just hook up with Greg and allow yourself to be immersed in his world of golf”

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